Application generated in release folder is not static when it should be

  • Hi,

    First i want to say that i am not the one with this problem right so i will maybe not be able to answer all the question about this issue right now.

    The one with the problem installed qt source everywhere with the static option. This person created an application and added "CONFIG += static" to the .pro file of the application too. Up to this point i did the same thing personally when creating my applications and never had any issue generating static application.
    But my friend qt creator don't seems to generate them statically. (For example an application which should be 13MB in static is 155KB in dynamic (random numbers)...)

    Are we missing something ? I will have the system in my hands later and maybe will be able to give more informations.

  • Hi,

    CONFIG += static is a lib only option; not working for Apps

  • So all the library needed will already be in the executable file. I mean, when i was creating my executables files and moving them to another system i only had to move the executable, not the lib used by it because they were in it. (maybe the word "application" was not the best i could use here)

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    Are all your libraries built statically ? If not that's the first step to do in order to build a fully static application

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