How to have all functions/loops "diminished" when opening a project ?

  • Hi,
    My question is not about a programing issue but more about how to use qt creator.
    I am creating a little application but even if this one is only 2k lines it is kind of a pain to have to "diminish" (the little arrow to the left of your function, if loop, switch case...) everything manually when opening a project in order to find what i want. So i would like to know how to have all of this "diminished" when opening the project.
    I would think tat this option exist (or i don't know how people with really big application are doing!) but i can't find it.

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    AFAIK this is not possibly for the editor pane.
    For the projects you can use collapse all by pressing right mouse button and you can assign a key if you like.

    If you require overview what is in a large code file, you can use the combobox right of the file name combobox above the editor pane. This allows for a faster navigation within large source files. You can click on to the routine you are looking for.

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