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Integrating module into one [closed]

  • hello sir

    Actually i have three modules..which are stored in seperate folder..now i want to to integrate this three module into one final module..thats is when i run this final module than i will be able to used all the properties that are present in all three module...in simple words i mean to say that..in my final module form there are three buttons...if i click on first button than i will be able to work with the components of first module....similarly if i press second button i will be able to work with the propertiesof second button..so how can it be possible...

    with regards

  • Hmmm... Now, let me think... Where did I see this question before? That's right: in a question by your friend imrrk! You know, the same one who was already discussing making calendars out of arrays of buttons when you started asking around on that.

    I think I will refer you to that "topic":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/forums/viewthread/5429 and close this one.

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