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qApp Installeventfilter and QRegion

  • Hi, All,

    I am using a QRegion to enable / disable mouse press events. Basically, i am installing an eventFilter on qApp and also maintaining a QRegion. So whenever i get mouse events like button pressed, i check whether this is inside my QRegion or not? If yes i will not block the event else i will return false. So no click is detected.

    Now the problem is that whenever the QRegion starts from 0,0 i am able to get the events. If suppose one button is also present inside that QRegion then i am able to press the button and slot is also called for that button.

    But strange thing happens when the QRegion starts from coordinates other than 0,0. Suppose QRegion starts from 100,100 then even if the Pushbutton is inside the QRegion, its slot is never called, only click is detected but event is not going to the Pushbutton.

    Kindly help me.