Does QTextStream::seek(qint64 pos) iterate through a file to reach the position?

  • Is the iterative behavior of QDataStream::skipRawData(int len) similar to QTextStream::seek(qint64 pos)?

    I'm working with a data stream and I want to buffer an array vectors (QVector<double> *dataVectors[5]) to a QFile on hdd. I also want to be able to index into a previously saved QFile to retrieve my buffer. Ideally, I'd like to index directly into my QFile using QDataStream but it seems like I have to use skip, this can become prohibitive as my QFile grows larger.

    I looked at the source code for QIODevice::seek(qint64 pos) and it seems to rely on .skip(int len) anyways. Is it true that QIODevice:seek iterates through the file instead of indexing directly into the middle?

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