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Show the windowicon of a QDialog in the taskboard.

  • Hello, I'm new to qt, I'm creatting an application ussing Qdilogs the problem it's that when I said dialog->show(), the icon doesn't show in the taskboard, I can see the Dialog and intereac with it, but there it's absolutly nothing in the taskboard.

    how can I fix this ??

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    Hi @SujaMM,
    By taskboard do you mean taskbar ? If so then use setWindowIcon to set the icon.

  • Yes that's what I ment, but it's not working, I can see the icon in my Qdialog how ever I don't see it in the taskbar. It works in linux but not in windows.

    I create a c++ class where a call the Qdialogs, so it will work like this:

    I run the c++ class in the main.cpp and in this one I call the show() methond and my Qdialog login when login closes I open another QDialog, and continious like this,

    But I never see the Icon in the taskbar.

    Can someone tellme what I'm doing wrong ??

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    It works in linux but not in windows.

    That's kind of strange. Can you post related code ? Which Qt version are you using ?

  • Thanks for the help, I fix the problem by eliminating the c++ clas that called the QDialogs, not it's an application only QDialogs.