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empty "release" file

  • I've built application using debug and then I did it anagin using release mode and there were 5 files in debug folder and 0 in release folder.

    When i start with release mode and then debug mode then I have reverse situation. There are 5 files in release and zer in debug.

    Also when I try to open .exe file nothing happens. No error or anything. Why is that ?

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    From what you wrote, I guess you are running on Windows and probably Visual Studio. What you are seeing is the classic VS setup that whatever the mode is, creates both subfolders (debug and release) in the build directory. Qt Creator works with two different shadow build directories so you have one for debug and one for release. Visual Studio doing things differently than the others, you will have both debug and release folders inside both shadow build directory. So nothing to worry about.

  • Sorry that I wrote my first post not very clearly. I am not worried about two folders but I am worried about that I can't create release version after I've created debug version.

    I am using Qt Creator 3.3.0.

    And why I can't run the .exe file ?

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    When changing the mode in Qt Creator ?

    Any error on the console output ?

  • I've already dealed with folders problem. But the other thing is that i can't run my app using .exe file. Nothing shows. No error or anything.

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    Do you mean the build dir is empty ?

  • No. There are 5 files in the build dir and one of them is an .exe file but when i double click on it nothings happens (even with a "clear" Qt WIdget Application").

    I've made a consol application and it shows for a very very short time and then disappears. I've added few lines of code that should "stop" the application(data input from user) but it still disappears in a moment...

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    Ok, now I see where the problem is. If you want to start your application from Window's explorer, you need to first follow the deployment steps that you would need to go through if you were preparing to distribute your application.

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