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Widgets or QtQuick in 2015?

  • Hello,

    I searched this question and found tons of discussions. The most of conclusions were - use Widgets for desktop because they are mature and QtQuick lacks a lot of functionality. But 90% of this discussions were done in 2011-2012. But how the things works now?

    For prototyping we used Widgets. I like it, I understand it, I can easily communicate with c++ and vice versa. Now we need to polish our GUI - it should be heavily customized (i.e. NOT native looking gui, even a window border should be custom!) and I don't know what to choose. On the one hand QtQuick that allows to create really custom controls. On the other hand advice to use Widgets for desktop (thought dated by 2012). Can somebody bring some light and show beautiful GUI done with both technologies?

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