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Selection (or Bounding) box for widgets.

  • Hello,

    I am developing an application where I need to develop module similar to "Qt Designer" responsible for creating GUI. In this module I am inheriting QDialog class to create a new form in my module. In this module ( similar to designer) I created some custom widgets by inheriting standard Qt widgets e.g. push button, radio button etc. and all these objects are available in my designer module for placing it on a form. Now if I create a form and then place custom widget on a form then I am able to move widget within form boundaries.

    Now I need bounding box or selection box for widgets to achieve following functionality:

    • It should be possible for me to select widget using bounding box and then move widgets by dragging it within the boundary of a form

    • It should be possible for me to shrink and expand widgets using bounding box

    • It should be possible for me to select one or more widgets using bounding box

    Please suggest approach to achieve above functionalists.

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