Future of Qt Ambassador Program

  • Ok, firstly I would to thank all administrators for their work and for accepting me in this program, this is a big honor, and encourages me to create more programs with Qt SDK.

    And secondly I would to ask, what are incoming features in this program,
    for exemple: for when more than one project per Ambassador?

  • Hi,

    Welcome to the Qt Ambassador program!

    We are working on allowing all our Qt Ambassadors to upload more than one projects, and it will happen sometime soon! We’ll get back with more information when this update is launched.

    In addition to the core benefits that comes with the Qt Ambassador Program ( listed next to the application form: http://qt.nokia.com/qt-in-use/ambassadors/qtambassador ), new benefits and features will be announced here and by e-mail. For instance, we just launched the OVI Fast Track to help Qt Ambassadors get thru the Ovi Store publishing queue faster and a Qt Community Sponsorship ( for all Qt developers, but Qt Ambassadors get prioritized in the evaluation queue).

    Also, we are always open for suggestions. So, if you have any ideas on how to make the Qt Ambassador Program even better, please let us know! :-)

    [Edit: Fixed broken URL; mlong]

  • Thanks for reply. Hope that this program will be useful about promoting Qt & Symbian.

  • Hello ,

    Thank you for accepting me as a Qt Ambassador , that is a big honor and encourages to create more!

    Marianne , I did not get the benefits yet ,how can I get access to the program's benefits




  • How I can be a Qt Ambassador ?

  • Moderators

    Please see Marianne's link in the first comment above.

  • already had punches, thank you very much anyway and already applies!

  • Moderators

    No problem! Good luck!

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