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Full end-to-end example on how to use the Qt installer for a QML project?

  • Hello,

    I've followed the tutorial to use the installer:

    It works fine but there is not really any code/binary that is deployed - I get the following files:

    components.xml installcontent.txt maintenancetool maintenancetool.ini
    InstallationLog.txt Licenses maintenancetool.dat network.xml
    (i.e. incl. the maintenancetool to handle updates etc.)

    Do you have a full end-to-end example with a small Hello World example with QML? I would like to see how a (statically built) executable can get compiled/deployed stand-alone with the installer. i.e. it would be nice to show how an existing QML project can then be deployed via the installer (on Linux, preferably CentOS 6).

    Thank you in advance,

  • Heinz,

    Did you have any luck making your installer? I'm working on an installer for Mac and running into hurdle after hurdle... first build errors where the installer can't be built due to missing dynamic libs and then crashing on same dynamic lib at run time...


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