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How to creating a text editor using qt creator?

  • I want information from you guys on how to create a simple text editor.

  • perhaps you can look at the "examples": ?

  • If this is just about making Qt Creator more lightweight, then you can just disable plugins you do not care about (Check Help->About Plugins).

    If you want to have a stand-alone text editor with all the bells and whistles Qt Creator has for C++/QML/Javascript/GLSL, then you need to be aware that this functionality requires quite a bit of infrastructure: Creator needs to know a lot to make that possible! This includes (but is not limited to) all the files that belong to a project, the location of header files, even the compiler that will be used to build. So removing that code will reduce the editors functionality.

    The code of Qt Creator is available on "gitorious": The plugins in src/plugins/*editor (there are quite a few different ones by now:-) are the most interesting if you want to know about the editors.

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