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how to force QGraphicsScene to scroll all the way to the right

  • When I have items in a QGraphicsScene, if they exist outside the viewport, I get scrollbars automatically.

    How can I force programmatically, scroll all the way to the right or left?

  • This might help: Using your QGraphicsView::horizontalScrollBar() you can try:

    view->horizontalScrollBar()->setValue( view->horizontalScrollBar()->maximum() );

    This would bring you to the right. If you want to the left, use minimum() instead.

  • I would say it is function of graphicsView, not scene.
    Check void QGraphicsView::centerOn ( const QPointF & pos ).
    Also scrollbar functionality is limited to max int. I would not rely on it.

  • Thank you both, both approaches seem to generally work.

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