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Are State Machines fundemental ?

  • This is a general non specific question looking for your opinion. If you have the ability, Please address the question on the same logic level that it resides on without attempting to force the question to a different logical level. I.E. (Like saying it's to vague, or does not contain enough information).

    Programming language is C++ and obviously using QT.

    Concerning computer science In general, Do you feel that State Machines are important when programming most complex software applications that interact with and/or control complex proprietary hardware ?

    The question is talking about user data entry and I/O, setup of hardware configurations, machine execution of somewhat complex software routines that control complex hardware features i.e, memory I/O, User I/O, COMS and etc.

    NOT video games.

    Again, as a general rule of computer science, are OR should State Machines be an important technique/feature of complex software applications which interact and control complex hardware ?

    Thank you for your important opinion !

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