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Set breakpoints for mouse events

  • Hi. newbie here. I am trying to debug an example to see where the code interact with mouse drag, mouse drop etcetera.
    I am using this example QTreeViewExample3

    My problem is, I don't understand hoe and where set breakpoints for the debugger where the dragaction, dropaction etcera is executed.


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    If you want to learn about the internal working you should rather take a look directly at Qt's code, it will be faster.

  • I just want to understand how the mouse interacts with the code in the example - so I can overload dropaction.

    So far - i have failed for that, looking at a lot of examples.

    My goal is to build an ap where I can hook my own actions to the mouseevents.
    My final goal is to create a treeview displayed 'memory-bank' which uses the local filesystem for saving notes, caches from webpages - etcetera.


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    My recommendation still applies. This example doesn't do anything special, it's using Qt's model/view classes in a pretty standard fashion.

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