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Compilation error: Too few artuments in reportFinished

  • Adding #include<QtCore> (and nothing else Qt) to my project causes the following compilation error:
    c:\qt\4.8.0\include\qtcore../../src/corelib/concurrent/qtconcurrentrunbase.h(100): error : too few arguments in function call.

    The offending statement is
    What am I missing?

  • Hi and welcome to devnet,

    where is reportFinished() defined? Wht is his signature?

  • @mcosta The reportFinished method is defined in C:\Qt\4.8.0\src\corelib\concurrent\qtfutureinterface.h with a void signature. Note that I am not using it, this is a compilation error in a different qt header file. The error goes away when I #define the macro QT_NO_CONCURRENT before including QtCore. After I get a successful build with the macro, I can get a successful build without it. This may be explained by the precompiled header. Feels like black magic...

  • Hi,

    can I see your .pro file and your code??