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How can I make QDateTimeEdit not focusable but enabled

  • Hi,
    I'm making a gui app on Qt 4.8.5 with a wizard structure interactive only with keyboard. In one screen, I have:

    • a LineEdit (firstLE),
    • a qdatetimeedit (my_qdt)
    • and another lineEdit (secondLE).

    FirstLE has a text on it just to show to the user while my_qdt has the actual date and time. So the thing is that the user must put something on secondLE. For that I use secondLE->setFocus() on myWizardPAge::InitializePage() but the focus is always on firstLE and also, if I press TAB I can go to the qDateTimeEdit elements.

    What I want is that the user can only be on secondLE. I've tried with my_qdt->setEnable(false) but then the user see it in grey and I don't want that, I want it with its colors.

    Thank you so much

  • Set the QDateEdit widget on readOnly ;-)
    It's a property of the QAbstractSpinBox that is inherited

  • Sorry forgot to mention it. I also tried it of course but I still can access to each member with tab (to the day, month, hour.. etc).

    The thing is that in the initialize page I set:


    But when the page starts the focus is on firstLE and I can access all elements of qdt. I can't edit them but if I press Tab I go through them and what I want is that the user stays on secondLE and with tab goes only to the wizard buttons and back again to secondLE whithout passing through firstLE or my_qdt

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    IIRC, you should be able to achieve that using setTabOrder

    Hope it helps

  • Hi SGaist,

    If I use it this way for example:

    setTabOrder(secondLE, wizard()->button(QWizard::NextButton));
    setTabOrder(wizard()->button(QWizard::NextButton), wizard()->button(QWizard::BackButton));
    setTabOrder(wizard()->button(QWizard::NextButton), secondLE);

    The focus starts still on firstLE and I can still access with tab to firstLE and to every element of my_qdt

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    You can also set the focus on secondLE after you constructed it. If needed, add an eventFilter on firstLE where you ignore the focus events

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