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QDockwidgets problem - Splitter not visible

  • Hello,
    I have two QDockwidgets , position right. In Qt-Designer i have a Splitter to resize the windows.
    But this Splitter is not visible if i run the Project.

    Any ideas ?

    By the way, the DockWidgets are added to a QMainWindow without central Widget.

  • Hi and welcome to devnet,

    con you post a screenshot?

  • On windows splitter never was visible for me.
    You may try to change it applying style sheet:

    " QSplitter::handle:horizontal { "
    "    border: 1px outset darkgrey; "
    " } " 
    " QSplitter::handle:vertical{ "
    "    border: 1px outset darkgrey; "
    " } " 

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