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i.MX6 configure option -no-xcb

  • Hey guys, I try to build a qt application for an i.MX6. I have cross compiled the application for a specific yocto target, but now I ran into the problem, that the application can be started manually, but not using systemd for startup, because it is missing library xcb.

    I found those two articles, which mention using the configure option -no-xcb:

    But I do not understand how to use ./configure, can't find it within the directory where Qt is installed.

    Thanks for your help.

  • The no-xcb option and the ./configure script is only needed if you want to build the qt libraries by your own.
    configure is used to create the makefiles and prepare the build, the no-xcb option tells the script that the qt libraries should be compiled without x-server support.

    You could try to add the path to the xcb library to the enviroment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

  • TY : I set environment variable QT_QPA_PLATFROM='eglfs'. This must be done before the application starts. This environment variable is not available during boot.

    It can also be done by starting the application directly with:
    ./appName -platform eglfs

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