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Why text isn‘t clear in sparc using QFont(wqy font size 7),x86 is clear

  • the version is solaris 10 10/08 ,use Qt4.2.3 to develop application, in solaris x86, the text is clear . while in sparc the text is incomplete, the font is wenquanyi and heiti, both are sanserif. actually in gedit ,the font is also not clear. is this the reason of sparc itself. try to change screen resolution,it is no use. (chip demo)

  • in /etc/fonts/conf.d directory, there is 10-antialias.conf 10-autohint.conf 10-hinting.conf and etc.

  • Which desktop do you use? Gnome? KDE? Embedded Qt? any other? if it also happens to gedit, I suppose it's a sparc or desktop problem.

  • solaris CDE. Qt4.2.3, not embedded. gedit is also not very clear. is it the reason of hinting. I need to confirm whether hinting is on or off. is there some easy way to confirm?
    I have read some header files of freetype2. it's the same with x86. x86 is clear. so I am puzzled.

  • the same text file, in the file, using QMatrix to Zoom in and out the text. this file is opened by our App under solaris x86 10 08/10 and ubuntu 8.04. the text is clear.
    but under solaris sparc 10 08/10, some Arabic numbers are not visible. for example, when the font is Microsoft Yahei or heiti, size is 8 or 7, and been zoomed out by QMatrix. ["61113" becomes to "6 3"].
    10-antialiasing.conf 10-hinting.conf 10-hinting-full.conf are the same under different OS.

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