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Custom properties in QML

  • I will appreciate it if someone can give me a hint or two about this problem:

    I have a QML component that receives some data from C++ code. The data is of format QList<QStringList>. From my C++ code, i need to pass this data to QML, process the data in the QML component and based on the number of QStringLists in the QList, i need to create ListViews and set their models to the respective QStringList i.e the number of views = the size of the QList

    How do I declare a property of type QList<QStringList> in my QML code? This is the general idea:

    @//C++ code
    QList<QStringList> data;
    QDeclarativeContext *ctxt = rootContext();
    ctxt->setContextProperty("dataModel", QVariant::fromValue(data));

    Rectangle {
    id: container
    DateComponent {

    id: container
    property dataModel
    //parse dataModel and create required number of List views..


  • With setContextProperty you can pass a QVariant or a QObject. QVariant can not hold a QList<QStringList>. You may try to put your data in a class derived from QObject. Another solution is to write a custom type as explained in qt4/examples/declarative/cppextensions/referenceexamples/adding

  • thanks. I've put my data in a class derived from QObject.

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