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Partialy lost autocompletion in Qt Editor

  • Hello there,
    I was working in Qt Creator for a while and out of the sudden, I have lost "a part" of autocomplete in the project I was working in. Heres a sample code;
    Normally I could get autocomplete to work for the infoTextBrowser pointer. Now there are no suggestion in whole project... Did anyone face this problem before? Autocomplete for words like QVector, QWidget etc still work.

    Edit: I have done some additional test, the autocomplete simly stopped working for pointers with new initialisation. If I write the code like this:

    QTextBrowser *infoTextBrowser;
    infoTextBrowser = new QTextBrowser();

    The autocomplete works.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Well I have tried the same thing,
    but menu Build->clean all, quit QT Designer, open again, then build all always fixes it.

    If you make a new project , it works again ?

  • @mrjj It doesnt.

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