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Applying Faderwidget class (from configdialog)

  • Took faderWidget class (from configdialog) and want to apply on Hlayout.
    want Hlayout to turn red and reappear again.
    Understand i have to put two layout onto QStackedWidget
    h file ///////////////////////////////////////////////
    QPointer<FaderWidget> faderWidget;
    QStackedWidget *pagesWidget;

    cpp file /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    Hlayout = new QHBoxLayout();

    pagesWidget = new QStackedWidget;
    pagesWidget->addWidget(new ConfigurationPage);
    pagesWidget->addWidget(new UpdatePage);
    pagesWidget->addWidget(new QueryPage);

    void MainWindow::fadeInWidget()
    if (faderWidget)
    faderWidget = new FaderWidget();

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    What is FaderWidget ? Where did you get if from ? Depending on how you use it, why not use a QStackedLayout with your FadeInWidget ?

  • Need to accomplished the banner flip on the top of the video. Any Advice

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    I'd take a look at the graphics view framework especially if the rest of your application needs more of this kind of stuff or Qt Quick

  • I am thinking of using scaling from a square to fill up whole Qwidget.
    Is this viable?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    So creating an overlay widget on top of the other and paint it e.g. green + transparent ? Sure, then you should take a look at the animation framework to update automatically the width of the rectangle.

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