[SOLVED] Packaging Files for Android

  • Hello,

    I have many photographs which are too big to put in QRC, so I need to be able to package up many photographs in the Android package and I then need to be able to load them such as:

    photoPopUP.source = "file:///" + path + "/photos/" + image

    Does anyone know how to do this on Android? I can't simply copy the folder of images into the apk file?

  • Hello,
    Use assets directory, see here:
    "The other approach is to deploy the resources into the package's assets directory. It is the best option if you want to achieve better interoperability with the Android APIs. You can access all resources in the directory using the "assets:" prefix. Unlike qrc, this approach is not a cross-platform solution."

  • @Jon-Heron1 Thanks that worked great!

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