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  • First sorry for my English, I am a beginner in qt creator, I downloaded an open source project 'open Sankore' I am looking to change the design of the interface, the problem is that I not find the interface to change, I've got one but it's not the host interface. I know how you can help how can I make the changes I am totally lost
    Image fichier projet

  • example, or can I find the right and left column to remove
    capture home interface

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    If the interface you want to change is no in any of the .ui files , it means it made in the code.

    You can try to build and then run it in debug mode and
    then single step to see what is being created.

    If you are very new to Qt, you might want to consider trying out some of the
    samples before jumping to this HUGE project. :)

  • mrjj Thank you very much for responding, I'll try to debug mode immediately

  • I can not see the Elements create step by step in the debugging??

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    Not sure what you mean.?

    You can not get it to step through the code ?
    look for
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    and then press F9 to set a break point.
    and press f5 to start
    If you mean that you like see the controls while it creates them, then often not as its just created there and then later
    show when button is pressed.

  • Thank you very much, I can not see the creation of the elements of the interface directly ??so that I can detect the function that creates the elements that I wish to withdraw

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    well if I understand what you mean, then no.
    Often the elements (widgets) are not shown at once, when created.
    They are just added to the "screen".

    Later when that part of the program is accessed, the elements are shown.

    So it can be a bit difficult to find the object you are after when only info is the look of the element.
    It looks like sort of a tab control.

  • please I want to know the name of this component (tab) on QtCreator

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    I think they are called UBDockPalettes so that would be

    as far as I can see.

    Cannot run the project so only 80% sure.

    They are created in
    UBBoardPaletteManager.cpp LINE 145

    void UBBoardPaletteManager::setupDockPaletteWidgets()
    // Create the widgets for the dock palettes
    mpCachePropWidget = new UBCachePropertiesWidget();
    mpDownloadWidget = new UBDockDownloadWidget();
    // Add the dock palettes
    mLeftPalette = new UBLeftPalette(mContainer);
    Good luck

  • yaaay think you soooo mush mrjj, effectively it exists in UBLeftPalette.cpp
    UBRightPalette.cpp, thinks for your help you saved my life

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