MenuBar focus. Propagate hover and press events.

  • Hi,

    there a menuBar property of the ApplicationWindow type.

    Assigned a MenuBar with with a custom style, itemDelegate, where the first menu item is an Image instance (a logo), the second is a Button instance to fold/unfold the logo, there arise questions. Below.

    When hovering a menu item of the 0th level (the actual menu bar) the styleData.selected gets true, after left-clicking a menu item the gets true.

    • First, the second case => = true.
      After one continues moving a mouse through items they get the true and the first opened item gets false. If one moves the mouse onto the first opened item it calls the == true handler again.

    How to remove this effect in the menuBar?

    • Second, the styleData.selected = true.
      The button does not get hovered, clicked. How to propagate the events to the menu bar items?

  • To put the post up...

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    @silex92 Perhaps you should post some code to try the scenario.

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