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readyAllStandardOutput doesn't return anything

  • Hi ,
    im trying to run plink.exe and get its output .
    as you know when you first try to connect to a remote computer for the first time you'll get a warning that says this remote pc's key isn't recognized do you trust y/n .......
    when I try to read this output using :

          output = process->readAllStandardOutput();

    i don't get anything , see this picture.
    the output is empty .
    but if i continue and press y , and after the connection is successful , then use the above code to read , i get the output of the session only , meaning this part only output .
    how can i also read the output of plink in the first picture ?
    to further explain the problem this is the "complete code" :

    Qstring output = process->readAllStandardOutput();
    "analyze output and check what the program is asking if decided to continue then"
    output = process->readAllStandardOutput();

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