How to add a plugin in Qt Creator (3.3.2) with Qt 5.4?

  • Now I want to write some of my own plugins in Qt to tailor Qt Creator.

    I checked the documentations here, but these documentations seem to only work with the older versions of Qt and Qt Creator. When I copy some of its code samples to my Qt Creator (3.3.2) and try to compile the Qt Creator, some headers are missing.

    For example, in this page, it teaches us to write a wizard plugin into Qt Creator. The code samples were demonstrated in the page. There is such a line in a head file webpagewizard.h:

    #include "utils/filewizarddialog.h"

    When I paste this line in my Qt Creator, it shows that there's no such header.
    I tried to input utils and tab, tab, tab...All I got was this one:

    #include <utils/filewizardpage.h>

    So this code cannot be used because there is no fileWizardDialogclass to use.

    I went through all the Qt 5.4 documentations, there is no one telling me how to add a plugin into Qt Creator, and there is no documentation about the source of Qt Creator.

    Does anyone know how to tailor Qt Creator (3.3.2) in Qt 5.4?
    Please tell me, Thanks!

  • @HYSuperman
    Did you download the complete source code of Qt creator?
    I expect that those headers are not from Qt 5.4, but from Qt creator.

  • @koahnig
    Yeah, I downloaded all the Qt Creator 3.3.2 code.
    You are right, the utilsheaders are in /src/libs/utils/directory.
    But I searched this directory, there is no header as filewizarddialog.h.

  • @HYSuperman
    Sorry, for asking the most obvious thing, but sometimes...

    I have checked the source of Qt creator 3.1.2 the include is there.
    My personal experience is that you require some respectable amount of frustration tolerance when you are trying to have your own Qt creator plugin. My last attempt I had stopped with above code base since I could not find any documentation for some basic plugin I required. Maybe I did not search hard enough, but my plugin is a tool I want to use and not to maintain all the time.

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