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Adding lib files and their paths in .pro file [Closed]

  • Hey imrrk, you needn't post a reminder in the forum.
    If someone knows the answer, he /she will answer.

    And we are not sitting each second in font of DevNet :-)

  • oh sorry gerolf,i hope you might know this and please help me out.

  • the maindialog which i am calling contains a text box and button,and when i call it through a dialog,it gets open but layout changes,if the same thing if i did with dialog the layout wont change..

  • hello everyone ,through the discussion in this thread,i learnt an important aspect of integrating subprojects into one project,by creating a .pri file and including it into the main file and its work perfectly well and thank all the qt experts who helped me out in learning this,

    Now their is one more approach of integrating the subprojects i.e creating dll or static lib ,but I dont know this approch ,but i want to learn it,so qt experts ,please help me out


  • imrrk, please, don't write ping messages in 1.5 hours after your previous message. I've deleted it for now.

  • hello denis, sorry for that,please help me out

  • Hi imrrk,

    if someone reads the message, and can answer and has time, he will do, I'm sure. And if they have more questions for clarification, they will ask.

    And if you have some additional stuff to add after you last post, and there is no post in between, please use the edit link and edit your post.


  • hey gerolf ,you already know my problem so why dont you help me out..


  • OK, that's it. Closing pending discussion among moderators on how to deal with this. Note that I'll do the same to any new threads you try to open on this or on related issues, so I recommend you don't do that.

    There is consensus among moderators (and admins) that this thread will stay closed.

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