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how to debug multiple projects

  • how would i structure my project file?
    I have 3 projects that depend on each other.

    I would like to run an instance of each project and be able to step through the code when debugging and it will jump to the appropriate project where the break point is set.

  • It depends on the nature of your projects. One option would be to use the sub-project template and put all your projects under that. However I found that when you other project contains dynamic libraries from different project all that is needed is to have both opened in creator. For example I have a project where I develop libraries I then re-use in my other projects. Even though I do not link the two directly and only copy the libraries over (with headers) then when I have both the library project and actual project opened in Creator it is able to pick up the source code from the libraries project in debugging the main project. Even break-points etc. work there.

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