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:: error: [\NokiaQtSDK\Symbian\SDK\epoc32\release\gcce\udeb\Video.exe] Error 1

  • Hello friends i am getting the error
    :: error: [\NokiaQtSDK\Symbian\SDK\epoc32\release\gcce\udeb\Video.exe] Error 1
    so i am not understanding how to resolve this,so please help me out


  • Could you give more details? When is this happening? Which version of the SDK are you using?

  • my application is using services such as network, webkit......my application is a streaming application which fetches videos from the server,and in simulator it builts and when i run it,it starts and after a while i get an error as unsual termination,contact the supplier,and when i try it to run on device,i get the error which i have asked in my post..

    also my complier is showing this error
    @\NokiaQtSDK\Symbian\SDK\epoc32\release\ARMV5\udeb\qtmain.lib(qts60main_mcrt0.o):: In function `BuildAttributes$$ARM_ISAv6$M$E$P$PE$A:L22$X:L11$S22$IEEE1$IW$USESV6$~STKCKD$USESV7$~SHL$OSPACE$IEEEJ$EBA8$UX$REQ8$PRES8$EABIv2':

    :: error: [\NokiaQtSDK\Symbian\SDK\epoc32\release\gcce\udeb\Video.exe] Error 1@

    i am using nokia qt sdk 1.0

  • hello friends please help me out,from morning i am trying to figure out this error,but no progress,

  • I suppose there is a problem somewhere in the code of this application ... but without any hints from you ( = code ) I don't think anyone could help you - at least I can't.

  • what code u need,have u come across such errors

  • I haven't come across exactly this error but I have seen some errors ... The source code of your program could help people reading this thread to help you :)

  • Hi imrrk! This is a typical (and relatively hard to resolve) linking error. Please check if all forward declaration is resolved and all virtual methods are implemented. Sorry, but without viewing the full source code I cannot give you less general advice.

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