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QtQuick Android - menuBar show issue

  • Hello all,

    Having issues when pressed android left button (for show menu) on 4.x platform. I have two real android devices. One on Android 2.3 and another MTK on Android 4.1. Used standard code snippet for adding menu in my application:

    ApplicationWindow {
    width: 640
    height: 480
    visible: true
    menuBar: MenuBar {
    id: menuBar
    Menu {
    id: menuFile
    title: qsTr("&File")
    id: menuHelp
    title: qsTr("&Help")

    On HTC device when I pressed settings menu key it show me both higlevel menus, on Android 4.1 did nothing. Who had same issue? Who can give me right direction to dig into this issue? Appreciate your help.


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