Phiction Phreak: A Database to Rapidly Develop Fiction

  • You can find this project on both sourceforge and github. It was entirely written in Qt with an SQLite database. I would really appreciate it if you reviewed it and rated it. It would also be awesome if anyone thought they could contribute.



    Phiction Phreak is a database created to assist you in writing and developing fiction. Anything you write with Phiction Phreak is yours to keep with no attached licenses. It is intended to be used as a "ghost writer", so no mention of it has to be made when publishing the final version of your work. The software is built into a GUI that allows you to easily browse and search through the database. As a general rule, clicking on any word inside of the window will open up a new search for that term. You can search for anything, or view the entire database at once. There is also a list of the most common words in the database which allows you to sort through the database instead of search.

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