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[Suggestion] Download size info would be useful

  • See this "page":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/elearning/watch/writing_plugin_applications_with_qt .. there is a download link which is great! Also would've been very good to see the size next to the link to know how much I'm downloading before I actually initiate it.

  • Hi Chetankjain,

    sounds like a very good idea.

  • Maybe not only size, but also video resolution will be great to see there.

  • Then maybe good option will be to have different versions (like HQ h264, MQ mp4 and LQ webm)?

  • Thanks, this makes sense, I'll pass it along to the Learning team.

  • Folks, thanks for the feedback! mariusg drew my attention to this discussion. I'm leading works in elearning along with a few other projects.

    Certainly, we are very keen to address all concerns and fulfill most wishes. It is always a question to select the most important ones to care of first.

    We currently have around 200 videos online. It might end up in quite some work touching all of them... Since adding a note about the size is not a very big deal, I going to put it on the todo list right away.

    If it comes to formats, it is clearly more work. More importantly, it is essential to understand why the current format is not satisfying. Any details would be very helpful.

  • About formats.
    There are different users with different bandwidth and different sizes of their harddrives, so one can download high-quality (720p for example) video with size around 300Mb and another will want to have maybe less-quality (320p for example) but with smaller size (something like 30Mb).

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