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How to integrate a QT project with an existing C++ project while enabling webkit?

  • Hi ,I dropped into a big problem.
    I wanted to add webview function into an existing project(Bitcoin),which is a integration of an independant C++ project and a dependant qt project.
    Then an error comes out:
    undefined reference to `QWebView::QWebView(QWidget*)'
    The solution found is clear: add one line in the .pro document:QT+=webkit(my version is 4.6,and webkitwidgets is for 5)
    But after adding the line in, the error is still there.
    I searched in Google and found no helpful solution.
    The point is : this integrated project is compiled under a instead of the autogenerated makefile file.QT is used as a library in the project. I don't know how to modify the file to kill the error.

  • According to the QWebView documentation, the statement in your .pro file should be

    QT += webkitwidgets

  • @mchinand already tried.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Since it uses it's own Makefile, you need to add the include and link statement missing. Have a look when the rest of Qt is included/linked, then add the webkit related parts.

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