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Qt Widgets or QML for my new Qt Android/ios application

  • Hi,
    I am working on a new instant messaging application (Qt based) and I am brainstorming on how I would go about the user interface. I have the main Ui (Qt widgets based ) one working already but what I read tells me that QML would just make the job easier and things like transitions and animations would be easy to achieve and look better. Would you consider it a good decision to abandon the Qt widgets ui and redesign a new one based on QML ? (I have to mention that I have never done anything serious in QML but I am pretty comfortable with Qt Widgets).Would that be a good investment in the long run?

    Thank you for your time.

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    For mobile application and especially if you want do do some fancy stuff, QML is definitely worth investing in.

    • Choosing QML to develop mobile app can make the job easier, But you will be met a lot of challenge, A lot of incomplete functions in Qt for mobile,I develop a cross platform app by Qt/QML,if you are interested in it ,you can visit the website: All platform app
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  • @SGaist
    Guess this is my wake up call to try QML seriously :-)
    is your 多多指教 app opensource? I couldn't see the info about that on your page.

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