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Qt Bluetooth ChatExample via USB Bluetooth adapter

  • Hello there,

    i have mounted a USB Bluetooth adapter to my laptop (since it doesn´t have a build in one), installed the drivers and the device appears in the device manager.
    The point is, that i can´t run the chat example, because
    line 69 in chat.cpp

    "localAdapters = QBluetoothLocalDevice::allDevices();"

    delivers an localAdapters count of zero. (i guess this is the reason).

    Has someone a hint what goes wrong that allDevices(); can´t find the USB Bluetooth adapter?
    I know it´s kind of specific, when i use "some kind of adapter" with "some kind of driver installation".
    May be there a general issues that can cause this?

    best regards?

  • What OS are you using?

    From what I understand from Qt doc, Bluetooth is only available to " Android, BlackBerry 10 and Linux (BlueZ 4.x/5.x).

    Looking forward for the OSX and Win release here
    Good luck!

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