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Qt turning off important GCC / Clang warnings?

  • Hello people!

    In this last week I've discovered some annoying things about Qt and the project I'm working on for years. Days ago I received a pull request at GitHub that enables my project to be built in Visual Studio. I was very happy to see such improvements in action but as I started to explore the new code my nightmare began!

    I usually compile my project using GCC and Clang to check different warnings and errors. I fix all warnings that both compilers display as soon as possible. But when I tried the first time to compile the patched version of my project in Visual Studio the compiler started to spit out a lot of warnings related to integer casts that leads to possible data loss (for instance converting size_t to unsigned). I Googled a bit and discovered that -Wconversion and -Wshorten-64-to-32 are the options that enables such warnings and Qt does not bring them on in Linux, Windows (MingW) and MacOSX bundles. When I forced such warnings for my surprise and desperation a lot of Qt headers triggers them and my project's source too! :(

    Well, my project has ~90K lines of code and I'm not willing to fix those warnings for now (maybe never fix them!)... I tried twice and accidentally introduced bugs so I reverted back to the original code. My questions are: 1) Why does Qt disable such warnings? 2) Someone has some thoughts or words from framework developers?

    I know that implicit cast can be harmless in several scopes but what I can't understand is why disable the warnings!? :(


    P.S.: Sorry my bad English.

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    Hi @rkhaotix,

    I don't know the answer. However, I recommend that you subscribe to the Interest mailing list and post your question there. Qt engineers are active on that list, but they won't see your post in this forum.

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