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Qt Creator and Mac OS X

  • Hallo, i tried to run QT Creator 2.5.2 on an older Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow
    Leopard. The application starts fast and looks great, but it has problems
    finding the implemented QT version. I also succesfully installed some older
    QT versions, but maybe i cannot find it or I dont really know how to
    implement it into QT Creator.

    I really want to run QT Creator because I need it for a course in college,
    maybe someone of you can help me to solve my problem.

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    Are you forced to use such old version of Mac OS X?

    In Qt Creator, you should add your Qt version in settings. You need to locate qmake executable of your Qt installation. Where it is located depends on how you installed Qt, and which version. In may be in /usr/bin (for Qt 4 installation), or in $HOME/Qt/<Qt version number>/<some other folders>/bin

  • Unfortunately I have to Use this old version because the other ones are not compatible with 32bit Core Duo.

    The Qt Creator works nice and I installed some QT versions. I will look in the folders you described probably it will work.

    Is it important to use a special version of qt with my qt creator version, are they all compatible with each other?

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    Qt Creator is not tied to any specific Qt version. You can use the newest Qt Creator with both Qt 4 and Qt 5 and it will work. If it runs on your old Mac, that is - I am not sure it will run there.

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