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QtScript and ECMAScript version

  • Hi everyone. I've searched but didn't found anywhere the answer.
    Is QtScript compatibile with ECMA-262 5th Edition or it is based on older versions.


  • I don't know. But this quote from standard:

    bq. 15: In Edition 5, the following new properties are defined on built-in objects that exist in Edition 3:
    Object.getPrototypeOf, Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor, Object.getOwnPropertyNames,
    Object.create, Object.defineProperty, Object.defineProperties, Object.seal,
    Object.freeze, Object.preventExtensions, Object.isSealed, Object.isFrozen,
    Object.isExtensible, Object.keys, Function.prototype.bind, Array.prototype.indexOf,
    Array.prototype.lastIndexOf, Array.prototype.every, Array.prototype.some,
    Array.prototype.forEach,, Array.prototype.filter,
    Array.prototype.reduce, Array.prototype.reduceRight, String.prototype.trim,,
    Date.prototype.toISOString, Date.prototype.toJSON.

    I think you can check any from this methods on existing, if it exist then QtScript base on 5th edition else not.

  • Thanks Vass. That's what I was looking for. can you provide me the link where you find this?

  • Here:
    P.S When you will find out what version, can you write this here?

  • [quote author="Vass" date="1303423377"]Here:[/quote]

    oh ok. I though there was somewhere in Qt documentation. I knew about those properties. For the moment I was just testing the waters, to see if it's worth to start my application, but I think you're right. I will just check those new proprieties to see if they work.

  • AFAIR 3rd edition was used in QtScript.

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