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Webkit: interact with flash

  • Hi all,

    First of all excuse me for my English.

    I created a web browser with Qt (and obviously WebKit) and I send some event to my QWebView.
    QWebView wv;
    QKeyEvent keys(QEvent::KeyPress,Qt::Key_A,Qt::NoModifier);
    So far so good

    But sometimes I need to send some QKeyEvent to a flash object in my QWebView (and problems begin).
    I tried to catch the object with:
    QWidget *obj = QApplication::focusWidget();
    when the flash object has the focus, I can move it, know its coordinates,... but I can't send any events :'(

    Thank you in advance


  • Hello it's me again,

    So I'll try an "easier" question: how catch the QWidget created to show the flash (is it possible)?

    Thank you


  • I know in Microsoft visual studio you can add a shock wave flash player component to embed flash player into an application and then load a flash file and interact between the executable and .swf file. Yet, that is not a cross platform solution, but flash player is generally cross platform and what would give you the most control is embedding flash player into your application you could even modify values directly in the swf file (bit different for AS3). Also flash supports sockets so if you can't some how embed flash player into your application you can communicate with the flash content via sockets.

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