QT 5.3.0 font problem when running application on qnx6.6.0

  • I have a test application with a button that just opens a file dialog.
    it runs fine but all the fonts that get loaded are really small.
    i am using vesabios for graphics and running virtual box on a windows host.

    here is my start up script.

    export GRAPHICS_ROOT=/usr/lib/graphics/vesabios
    export QT_QPA_FONTDIR=/qt/lib/fonts
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/lib:/lib:/lib/dll:/qt/lib:$GRAPHICS_ROOT
    export QML2_IMPORT_PATH=/qt/qml
    export QML_IMPORT_PATH=/qt/imports
    export QT_PLUGIN_PATH=/qt/plugins
    export QQNX_PHYSICAL_SCREEN_SIZE=1024,768


    repoen /dev/ser1

    i load my start up script and build the executable using QT creator.
    it runs fine on virtual box apart from the fonts being really small.

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