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Dedicated button for code blocks

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    It seems people have a lot of trouble formatting their code blocks properly. It's especially the case with newcomers.
    It would be good to increase somehow the discoverability of code formatting options. The indenting doesn't seem intuitive enough and clicking on the "?" tells you about Markdown. Some people don't seem to automatically recognize the name or its purpose as associated with formatting.

    As such I see many post littered with either unformatted code or failed attempts, like adding @ or even html tags <pre><code>, because someone tried to skim through the lengthy Markdown description and didn't pay enough attention. I can sympathize with that to some degree. It's not cool to have to learn new language (granted, not that complicated, but still) to post to a forum.

    Would it be possible to add a dedicated button for the code blocks (like the one for links) that would either place a new code block markings (```) and a cursor inside it or surround a block if text is selected? Similarly to how it worked on the previous forum.
    A cool feature would be if it was also highlighted somehow if it's user's first post.

    At the very least I would give a brief ( one or two sentences) description in the "?" popup of what Markdown is or ditch the mentioning of that name and just describe its purpose on the forum.

  • To add @Chris-Kawa outline. The same would be good for images.

  • Yes, I've noticed the same.
    I'll add a front page info box as a quick fix. It might look ugly, but if it improves the correct posting rate, it will be worth it.

    Also I know there is a plugin in the works by the forum developers to add all the main markdown tags to the editor. Hope they get it done on the next release (coming in the next few weeks).

  • Whats with the @ tags I see everywhere? Is that an old method?
    I see people being told to use @ to format their code.
    I also see that the "```" works.

  • I agree... A very obvious "Code" button would be nice. I also like the image button idea.

  • Embrassing code with @ was the previous method for formatting code sections in this forum. With the change you should the markup method "```"

    When you find references to @ in posts, those copied from the old platform.

  • I have had a lot of trouble formatting code on these new forums too.I think in the code formatting regard you can do as it was in the old forums.The users clicks on the code button and the tags are thrown in place.I have to mention that I like the new real time capabilities incorporated in the new forums.Good job anyone involved.

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