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Qt 5.4 / Win 8.1 / QPrinter always uses PageRect of Standard Printer

  • Hi !
    I came across this as a difference between OSX / WIndows...
    I tried to print labels on a Dymo Labelwriter 450 (but the Bug "works" with every Printer i then tried including virtual ones like PDF/XPS writers).

    On OSX i enter the Print Configuration Dialog, set my "label type" which is some 89mm x 28mm big, then i print and OKAY !
    On Windows i did the same but the printout was just showing the enlarged top left corner of the Graphics to be printed.
    When debugging i detected that the PageRect was equal to A4 size (?!?!). After some playing around i realized that it always returns the PageRect of the Printer that is set to be the Standard Printer (which was an A4 Laser Printer in my case) although i clearly selected the Dymo & the correct label type.
    (So if i set the Dymo as Standard Printer and set the correct label type / Orientation in the default print settings everything is fine but of course this is just a workaround)

    Did anyone come across this problem yet ?
    In other words: HEEEELLLLPPPP :-)

    Thanks for any help on this !



    P.S. here is a code sniplet showing what i am doing (wrong ??):

    QPrinter * _printer = new QPrinter(QPrinter::HighResolution);
    QPrintDialog thepD(_printer);
    if(thepD.exec() == QDialog::Accepted )
    	QRect pr(_printer->paperRect());
    	QRect rr(_printer->pageRect());
    	// both QRects contain values for the Windows System Standard printer, NOT for the one chosen
    	// in the QPrintDialog above ?!?

  • @nils_heidorn said:


    Where is defined??

  • @mcosta :

    Hello & sorry !
    That was a mistake when i gathered the small code sniplet, i edited the code to be correct now !
    Excuse me, that got nothing to do with the problem :-)


  • On Windows and OSX QPrintDialog opens the native dialogs.

    Standard printing (from Notepad for example) works properly?

  • @mcosta :
    Hello !
    Yes, Standarp Printing is okay, so the Paperformat is fine if i select a printer with drastically different PageRect from the Standard Printer (e.g. with the Dymo or just use the Microsoft XPS Writer and select a very small format).



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