QTreeWidget::itemDoubleClicked signal not work...

  • QTreeWidget::itemDoubleClicked signal not work...
    i write like this in the constructor:
    connect(this, SIGNAL(itemDoubleClicked(QTreeWidget* item, int column), this, SLOT(xxxx(QTreeWidget* item, int column))));
    but the slot not called...
    i do have Q_OBJECT

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    Should be:

    connect(this, SIGNAL(itemDoubleClicked(QTreeWidgetItem*, int)), this, SLOT(xxxx(QTreeWidgetItem*, int)));

    Don't include parameter names in connect statement, just types. Also you mismatched braces and the param type is QTreeWidgetItem* not QTreeWidget*.

    And are you sure the sender should be "this"? Are you calling it from a QTreeWidget inherited class?
    Consider switching to new connect syntax. It's less error prone:

    connect(this, &YourClass::itemDoubleClicked, this, &YourClass::xxxx);

  • thank you ,solved.
    and which is better?this one?
    connect(this, &YourClass::itemDoubleClicked, this, &YourClass::xxxx);

    and is there any problem if i send from this to this :D

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    There's no better/worse. Both have pros and cons.
    Pro is it's less typing and it's type checked at compile-time. You can also connect lambdas and non-slot functions this way. Con is more typing in case of overloaded methods. You can read about it more here.

    There's no problem connecting this to this. I was just curious if you made an error, but if this derives from QTreeWidget then it's perfectly ok.

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