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I'm new. Python or C++

  • I'm new to Qt, new to Python, new to C++. That being said I do have several years of development experience on other technologies.

    My goal is to build an database driven CRUD app that can run on linux, windows, and android for managing livestock records. Development will be done on linux, Fedora 20 or Ubuntu 14.04, I don't care.

    My question to the community is which language do you recommend I go with for the application logic and why?


  • Welcome on devnet,

    Qt is a C++ toolkit so my answer is, surprise, C++.
    Why? Because the C++ is the native language for Qt development


    Edit: for the UI I suggest QML

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    To add to @mcosta, it's partly a matter of taste and partly a matter of performances. How heavy will your application be ?
    What performance will you need ? What kind of database are you going to try to connect to ?

  • Hi,

    obviously I suggested C++ for application logic because I presume @crecker wants use Qt.
    You could also use Python with Qt using PyQt or PySide but they are not official part of Qt.

    BTW, you can also mix languages.

  • @SGaist I'm not certain I know what you mean by how heavy the application will be but I'll take a shot. The app will contain a few buttons, text, textfields, radio buttons, and a few drop-downs. No images or other type of multi-media.

    As for the database, to be honest I haven't made a final decision yet. Do you have a suggestion?

    The database won't be very large, a couple of hundred to a couple thousand recorpds at best.

    This app will be for private use so performance wise I'm not competing for market share or any such thing.

  • If you are not interested to high performance Python is definitely simpler to learn; but this also depends to your experience (which languages do you know?).
    But, keep in mind that, as I said before, the official language for Qt in C++ and Python are available only using 3rdparty libraries.

    For the database could be interesting know if you want use a standard relational DB (SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ORALCE, ....) or something else (MongoDB, noSQL, ....). In the first case Qt offers opportunity to write write code independent of the DB using QtSql drivers; in the second case you have to use a 3rdparty library.

    If you need to have your application ready as soon as possible I suggest Python but if you want to learn Qt go to C++


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