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Windows Rt, Windows Phone 8.1. Various errors.

  • We have developed a phone app that runs fine in iOS and Android. Very few changes needed to be made to get both working with the same code base.
    I thought I would try get it running on Windows Phone 8.1 also which is where I have hit major roadblocks.

    The first is QtWebView 1.0 does not appear to be available. Does anyone know if/when this will be available, or if there is an alternative?

    The second is that I am getting random memory errors

    • First-chance exception at 0x778835D7 in test.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: std::bad_alloc at memory location 0x0836CAF0.

    • First-chance exception at 0x71FA2B0F (THREADPOOLWINRT.DLL) in test.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation writing location 0x1C69FFF0.

    • First-chance exception at 0x77B335D7 (KERNELBASE.DLL) in test.exe: 0x40080202: WinRT transform error (parameters: 0x8000000B, 0x80070490, 0x00000014, 0x087FF148).

    • First-chance exception at 0x77B335D7 in test.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: Cn::XH at memory location 0x088FE8E8.

    These exceptions occur at different points. I can make some go away by removing different components. I have not been able to tie down what is actually causing them, as it appears to be many.
    If I manage to get it loading just to a blank screen, after letting it sit there for a period of time it will often crash with an exception in THREADPOOLWINRT.DLL.

    The third error I have been getting is

    qopenglshader::link: "Failed to create D3D shaders."

    I am building on Windows 10 using Visual Studio 2013 express, but deploying to Windows 8.1
    Could this be causing the issues, or are these sorts of problems to be expected with the current status of Qt for Windows RT?

    If my issues are unique then I will spend more time trying to get a specific block of code that can be tested further. But at this stage I feel that I could be wasting my time, especially when the QtWebView doesn't work yet anyway.

    I should also add that this is just a basic QML app.