Linguist for Android?

  • Hi, I contribute to the translation of a couple of desktop projects, and being a commuter with quite a lot of time spent on train, I think a port of linguist to Android might be useful, so you could work on translations on your tablet.
    I know that a tablet's keyboard is not very fast, but a tablet is often more convenient to carry around than a laptop, and you can better take advantage of your spare time.
    Has anyone ever worked on porting Qt tools to Android? I think it should not be so difficult, by using the Qt-Android porting itself. And I could think of other tools in this kind of scenario, like the designer for example. I think I could try it myself, I programmed with Qt quite a lot, but "spare" and "time" are too different words...
    Bye and thanks
    Michele Alessandrini

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    I remember some people trying to run Qt Creator (which is much more complex than Linguist) on Android a few years back and were quite successful.

    So I think it should be possible to compile and run Linguist on Android. I suspect it could even be possible without many changes in code. One place that could be problematic is running lrelease and *lupdate. But if the TS files are provided, modifying them in Android Linguist should be possible.

    Another thing to consider is the UI itself - Linguis was not designed with small, touch-enabled devices in mind, and the UI will definitely not look good on a smartphone. A tablet would be better.

  • Yes, my idea is producing the files on your PC, and then work with the ts file on the tablet.
    I also agree that the interface should be somewhat simplified, I saw some Qt programs ported as-is to Android, with all the menus, toolbars, etc and were quite unusable.

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