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Bearer management : how to set password for WLAN session ?

  • Hello,

    My Qt application needs to allow the user the select the Wifi access point.
    I ran the Bearer monitor example which seems to provide exactly the features I need ... But :

    • If Windows has stored the WPA key, I'm able to create a session and open it
    • If the WPA key ins't known by the OS, I get the following error : The speficic configuration cannot be used.

    My question is : how does I set the WPA key in the QNetworkConfiguration object so I would be able to connect to the Access Point without having to set the password in Windows?

  • Well, it seems that my first post was a bit wrong.

    I ran in the error "The speficic configuration cannot be used" when the network configuration state is "Undefined".
    This mean I haven't set it up with Windows. If I setup it in Windows, the state is "Discovered" and I can open the session.
    If I remove the configuration via Windows wireless networks manager, the state returns to "Undefined"

    Is there any way to setup an "Undefined" configuration using Qt?
    Does I have to use the Windows WLAN API ?

  • Well, I have to close this topic

    From Qt 5.4 doc :

    "This API does not provide support for management of network configurations themselves. It is up to the platform to provide infrastructure which enables to user to create, edit or delete network configurations."

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