Properly scaling SVG Images

  • I try to instantiate an SVG image scaled by factor 2 like this:

    Image {
        scale: 2.0
        source: "myImage.svg"

    The issue with this version is that it looks like the image is first rendered and then scaled. Even using

    smooth: true


    antialiasing: true

    didn't solve the problem at all. The only way I found for generically scalling my SVG files was the following work around:

    Image {
        // the following line causes a binding loop
        sourceSize.width: 2*width
        source: "myImage.svg"

    This really produces the expected result but of course also prints a warning about a binding loop for sourceSize. I would prefer not to use a previously scaled image since I use the same image in different scalings in various places of the application. Also I would prefer if needn't give an explicit sourceSize.width since at that place in the QML the actual source is dynamic and the images can have different dimensions.

    Is there a nicer way to solve this problem?

  • Hi swegmann!

    The following code is more an ugly trick than a solution, but at least it does what it's supposed to do and you get rid of the binding loop:

        Image {
            source: "file:///home/pw/Downloads/SVG_logo.svg"
            sourceSize: Qt.size( img.sourceSize.width*2, img.sourceSize.height*2 )
            Image {
                id: img
                source: parent.source
                width: 0
                height: 0

  • Hi Wieland

    Well, it's not beautiful, but it does the job ;-) Thanks for your help!

  • See here:

    SVG scaling is quite confusing and hackish in QML.
    Basically what you need to set is the "target" size and not the "source" size...hence the confusion.

  • @mcallegari79 I'm a little confused by your remark. Do you mean there actually is a property called 'targetSize'? Because I couldn't find such a property neither in Image nor in Item. Or do you mean the property 'sourceSize' should be called 'targetSize'? Because I thought, I understood how that part worked. But I didn't know how to properly get the "original" size of the SVG, multipling this by my scaling factor and applying this to sourceSize. And as it currently looks there is no nicer way than what @Wieland has shown.

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